My 100th First Post

Every time I start to write a post, I get all nervous and wonder if I am even doing it right, then I’ll delete because my nerves are too shot to publish it. So after months of self-doubt I finally decided to write and post. Let me introduce myself, I am Courtney D’Chelle, and as I have said before that is my real name and it took me years to fall in love with it but I did. I have a wonderful husband and one son, our food is Keto, our teams are the Houston Astros and Texans, and my obsession right now is The First 48! I never thought that I would live such an awesome life, but here I am killing it!! I have probably spent more money on blog classes and “freebies” that actually turn out not to be free, than I have spent on my clothing in my closet. As I write this post now, my son is napping and I am just about to see if the witness can ID the suspect in this very intense murder case. I have made you and myself a promise, that I will post 3 days a week, whether it be a recipe or a saving tip. I am doing my best to get a YouTube channel up and going, and also posting regularly on snapchat will me my thing as well. I hope to see all of you on those platforms with me!

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